Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Special Place in Hell

PPPS (Littleton)—We just received this graphic purporting to quote Former Madam Secretary of State Madeline Albright discussing Former Madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We have not confirmed the authenticity of the quote, but can confirm that the photograph is of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meeting with former President of Egypt, and head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi.
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Editor's Note:  Normally we would not post an unauthenticated quote like this, but.....what the hell, Pixel Pete recommended it.

Pundit Pete's Debate Review

ABC News - video clip

PPPS (somewhere in NH)—Following are insightful observations of the GOP Presidential Debate held in New Hampshire (which is near Berniestan /Vermont) from our CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Pundit Pete. 

Thoughts on the GOP Debate in NH —Pundit Pete

Disclaimers: This review only applies to the portions of the debate where I was awake.
    • Overall Winner:   Senator Ted Cruz
    • Overall Losers:   Senator Rubio & Dr. Carson (tie)
    • Lamest Insult:   Donald Trump (before his closing)
    • Best Smackdown:   Gov. Christie on Sen. Rubio
    • Best Hillary Basher:   Carly Fiorina....oops, not there
    • Least Coherent on the Issues:   Donald Trump
    • Best Non-Entrance:   Dr. Carson & Gov. Kasich (tie)
    • Best Questioner:   Mary Katharine Ham
    • Biggest Losers:   David Muir & Martha Raddatz
I  thought Cruz won the debate and continues to be the most level-headed and strongest Conservative on that stage. I could easily picture him as President. 
All of them on that stage (and one who was not) would be infinitely better for America than Hillary, Bernie, Fauxcahontas, or the BFD VP, Joe Biden.
I thought Christie did a good job exposing the politician side of Rubio. It was a bit uncomfortable. Still, Rubio is probably more conservative than Christie. I thought neither came out too well in that exchange.
What a shame ABC left out Carly Fiorina, who would have kept the focus on Hillary and not on damaging the other GOP candidates........come to think of it, given the tone of most of the questions, that is EXACTLY why ABC did not want her on that stage. Could ABC be waging a war on conservative women?
Trump was his usually insulting self, and his lack of substance on issues is starting to look bad. (Do your homework man). "I'll be terrific" and "win, win, win" are not good substitutse for a cogent answer on replacing Obamacare, or any other topic.
Dr. Carson, as much as I admire him and his exemplary character, just doesn't have the political instincts to make his case. (Stoke the fires man.) It didn't help that he got the fewest questions of anyone on that stage. Could ABC be racist? 
The rest don't matter. Thanks for stepping up. Time to leave now.
I'm going with Cruz at this point. You can call that an endorsement.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Breaking Ground: More Women Wanted

PPPS (Littleton)—We received this curious poster, so we decided to post it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Volunteers Needed Due to Snow in DC

PPPS (Washington, DC)—The recent near-record snowfall in our nation's capitol is both a joy to school kids and a bane to government workers, many of whom have been prevented from serving the American people in their important roles.

There is one particularly tragic outcome of the snow blocking the DC streets; the State Department is apparently unable to deliver the most recent batch of 55,000 Hillary Clinton emails in response to a court order. The State Department is requesting a one-month delay.
And of course, those evil Republicans are crying foul.

In the spirit of public service, our PPPS DC Bureau Chief (who made it in to work on skis) has decided to send out a CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS to assist the staff at the State Department in meeting their deadline.


Help is needed to deliver several boxes of emails across town. 
None of the emails are marked "Classified".



We hope this notice brings out some volunteers.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

An Alternative to the Million Student March

PPPS (Littleton)—This tweet is the absolute best response to demands for free tuition at Mizzou and other campus protests around the nation.

Click to enlarge. Original tweet below.

The original tweet (loads a little slow) if you want to retweet or follow the author.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Smearing Dr. Carson - Has the Left Gone Too Far?

PPPS (Washington DC)—Even as legitimate news organizations (CNN, Politico, PPPS) are seriously questioning some of GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson's biographical embellishments, there have also been a few stories and accusations which are, let us say, questionable.

Radical extremist Right-Wing news organizations have responded in defense of the good doctor, labeling news coverage and opposition political ads as part of a smear campaign, and even claiming that some of the news stories reflect a Left-Wing bias.

We were recently approached by an organization to post this paid advertisement on our news blog. PPPS has a strict policy against accepting money for political ads, but we also thought we would let our readers decide the question:

Has the Left gone too far?

Members of our PPPS investigative team are currently all in Germany working on another story, but look for updates as we investigate political committees such as the Progressive Plantation Protection Project. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

BREAKING: More Ben Carson Lies?

PPPS (Munich)—Has GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson once again been exposed as a liar?

In one of his books, Dr. Ben Carson claims to have performed brain surgery on two German twins, Patrick and Benjamin Binder, who were joined at the head.

But our crack crew of investigators at the Pundit Pete Press Service have traveled to Germany and interviewed several high school friends of the twins. 

Not one of them says they ever saw the twins joined at the head.

Our PPPS investigators were able to obtain an exclusive photograph of the Binder twins, proving beyond any doubt that they are not co-joined at the head.

We can only conclude that Dr. Carson has been less than fully truthful in his biography and is therefore not qualified to be President.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Did the Benghazi Hearing Seal the Deal for Hillary?

PPPS (Littleton)—New polling by the Pundit Pete Press Services indicates a significant bump in popularity for Hillary Clinton following her outstanding performance Thursday before the Congressional Benghazi Committee. Coupled with her overwhelming dominance at the Presidential Debate on October 13th, and the announcement by Vice President Biden that he was not going to run, it appears that Secretary Clinton is certain to receive the Democrat Party nomination.

This new campaign ad released by a supportive Progressive PAC seems to sum up the mood of many voters.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Benghazi: Where Were Hillary and Barack?

PPPS (Washington, DC)—The whereabouts of President Obama and Secretary Clinton on the night of the Benghazi protest event has remained a mystery for over three years. But with a late-Friday document release from the State Department today, that mystery may have finally been solved.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Benghazi Hearing Update: Controversial Memo Released Which May Exonerate Clinton


In a shocking twist this evening during the prolonged Benghazi Hearing, a previously withheld memorandum was released which may fully exonerate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her email controversy. The memorandum was apparently among the documents presented during the confidential hearing testimony by Huma Abedin last week.

Under rigorous grilling by Republican Representative Jim Jordon, Secretary Clinton had indicated that her emails were subjected to search criteria and that she had directed her assistant Huma Abedin and attorneys to undertake that task. At this point, Ranking Democrat on the Committee, Elijah Cummings, interrupted and stated that a document existed which would support the Secretary's testimony. He then challenged Chairman Trey Gowdy to release the document.

Gowdy & Cummings butting heads.
There were several minutes of heated argument between Gowdy and Cummings, including accusations that the Republicans were participating in party politics and hiding information which might exonerate the Secretary. After a brief adjournment, Gowdy agreed to release the memorandum in the interest of full disclosure.

After the memo was projected onto screens in the hearing room, committee members and hearing observers alike were stunned when they realized that the memorandum substantiated the Secretary's testimony that only non-work related emails had in fact been deleted.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BREAKING NEWS - Clintons to Release New Book on Economic Policy


PPPS has uncovered information that Bill and Hillary Clinton are about to release a new book on economic policy which touts their business success.

It is suspected that the book is intended to counter the recent rise of two GOP candidates, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump, who have considerable business credentials.

A secondary purpose will be to allow Bill to jointly campaign with Hillary under the guise of a book tour. Last year Hillary Clinton very successfully laid the groundwork for her current campaign success with a national tour for her book Hard Choices.

There will be more details to follow in this breaking story.

But first, PPPS has obtained a top secret copy of the book cover. Remember, you saw it here first.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

About That Iran Nuclear Deal

PPPS (Littleton)—We received this graphic from Citizen Pete. It appears to be some sort of commentary on the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Updates and Links:
For info on Congress members and to post your message on Facebook, check out Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FBI Seizes Key Document in Clinton Email Investigation

PPPS (Littleton)—FBI agents raided the offices of the Pundit Pete Press Service early this morning and seized a document believed to be key in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The document, a memo reportedly between Huma Abedin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had previously surfaced  in March, 2015, but was overlooked by the mainstream media and Congressional investigators at that time.

Pundit Pete, who for financial reasons had temporarily taken up residence on a cot in the back of the PPPS office, was abruptly awakened at about 2 AM when at least a dozen, heavily-armed FBI agents broke down the front door and entered with rifles pointed.

Pete, who was obviously shaken by the experience, recalled the initial tense encounter, "As a journalist, my first instinct was to reach for my smartphone, but dropped it when I saw that both my hand and chest were painted with tiny laser targets."

The FBI began immediately to ransack the PPPS offices, while shouting "Where's the memo? Give us the memo!" Pete, ever the professional, calmly pointed to the memo tacked up on the wall, in plain sight, amidst a grouping of photos of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump, with lines linking to the memo or to the other photos.

The tension dissipated after Pete offered the agents coffee and slices of his Mom's famous sour creme coffee cake. The FBI agents soon left, taking the memo, one of the PPPS computers, two thumb drives, and Pete's cell phone, but leaving the rest of the office intact.

Pete, however, was forced to sign an affidavit stating that under penalty of perjury, "I, Pundit Pete, state that I have identified and turned over all copies of the subject memorandum in my possession, in printed or electronic format, and that, to the best of my knowledge, no other copies of the subject memorandum exist."

However, the staff members of PPPS (who shall remain anonymous), take the courageous stand that we are not bound by Pete's affidavit and asserting our 1st Amendment right of freedom of the press, hereby publish a copy of said memo.

(click to enlarge) PPPS not responsible for the viral distribution of this document.
Pundit Pete, who has gone into hiding at an undisclosed location, issued the following statement:
The Pundit Pete Press Service strongly objects to the raid on our offices by the FBI. I have directed our staff attorney, Pleader Pete, to immediately file a complaint in the U.S. District Court for this serious and unprecedented violation of our 1st Amendment right of Freedom of the Press.
Furthermore, I acknowledge that my staff have decided, of their own volition, and without direct instructions from me, to exercise their free speech and freedom of the press rights, and to release a copy of the confiscated document for the American people to see, in contradiction of the specific and unconstitutional directive from the FBI not to do so.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

President Obama Responds to Chinese Hack Attack

PPPS (Washington)—At a press briefing today, National Security Adviser Susan Rice indicated that President Obama has authorized a full-scale response, short of putting boots on the ground, to the recent hacking of U.S. government personnel records by Chinese operatives.

"The President recognizes that when the Chinese government institutes a cyber attack on government employees, and not just on regular citizens, corporations and our military, the Reds have clearly crossed a red line. All options are on the table at this point."

PPPS has learned that one of those options may be to use a new cyber warfare weapon, similar to weapons deployed in the past to successfully defeat Al Qaeda. 

PPPS has obtained this exclusive photograph of the new weapon. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

PPPS Denies Clinton Foundation Contributions May Have Impacted News Coverage

PPPS (Littleton)—A controversy has recently surfaced in the news business involving ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos's aggressive and belligerent interview of Peter Schweitzer, author of the new book Clinton Cash, and the failure by Sephanopoulos to report contributions totaling $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation prior to or during the interview.

While, as a unbiased news organization, PPPS does not opine on the content of the book Clinton Cash or on Mr. Stephenopoulos' journalistic integrity, we do acknowledge that, along with numerous other news organizations and media personalities, PPPS has also contributed to certain charitable organizations associated with the Clintons.

With that in mind, we, the staff at the Pundit Pete Press Service, make the following formal statement.

PPPS Formal Statement

The Pundit Pete Press Service (PPPS) regrets any perception of bias or inappropriate influence which others might incorrectly associate with past (or present) PPPS contributions and/or payment of speaking fees which may have been made to the following charity organizations and funds: 
  • the Clinton Foundation; 
  • the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation; 
  • the Clinton Presidential Library Fund; 
  • the Clinton Global Initiative; 
  • the Bill and Hillary Legal Defense Fund; 
  • the Bill Has Still Got to Pay the Bills Fund;
  • the Ready for Hillary 2016 Fund;
  • the Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton First Woman President Fund.
If at any time, PPPS had suspected that Secretary Clinton, after resigning from government service in 2012, harbored even the slightest intention of once again running for president or any other public office, we would not have continued making contributions to any of the above-listed funds and organizations during the period of 2012 through 2014.  
Furthermore, with Secretary Clinton's recent surprising announcement of her candidacy for president, PPPS has formally suspended any additional contributions and installments for 2015 (other than those already committed).
PPPS is also announcing disciplinary action  against two long-time PPPS employees, Progressive Pete and Pixel Pete, for professional behavior unbecoming of a journalist. Both employees have been formally reprimanded and suspended for two weeks with pay.
PPPS makes a formal acknowledgement of contributions totaling between $3,532 and $3,532,000 made to the above-listed charitable organizations (as required and reported in publicly available documents).
PPPS states categorically, that said contributions, and any associated benefits, such as (but not limited to) exclusive media access, news tips, personal interviews, plane rides, dinners, hotel accommodations, tickets to sporting events, jewelry, clothing, and miscellaneous unmentionables, had absolutely no influence whatsoever on the selection of or failure to report on any news stories, the content of those news stories, or any editorial commentary produced by the Pundit Pete Press Service in any electronic, print, graphical or video format.
Finally, it should be noted that Pundit Pete, CEO and Editor-In-Chief at PPPS, had no personal knowledge of any of the above-alluded-to financial contributions or employee actions, and therefore, should not be disqualified as a potential moderator for any of the upcoming 2016 presidential campaign debates.

Additional Related Background Information

Progressive Pete, without the knowledge of upper management, has been utilizing our Employee Matching Charity Contribution Program to assign regular bi-weekly deductions of $5 from his paycheck to the Clinton Foundation.
The Pixel Pete produced promotion.

Pixel Pete, again without the knowledge of upper management, was apparently responsible for the design of this major Ready for Hillary 2016 campaign promotion.

An unrepentant Progressive Pete, when notified of his two-week suspension, said, "My only regret is I was unable to donate more, although, as a percentage of salary, I'm pretty sure I've outdone Stephanopoulos."

Pixel Pete, upon receiving notice of the disciplinary action, indicated his regret for having assisted the Ready for Hillary 2016 organization and recognized that it may have been inappropriate to mix personal politics with his work at PPPS. After issuing a formal apology in the form of this graphic message, Pete did note that "the Clinton group paid me more for that one campaign promotion than I get here in a whole year."

Totally Unrelated Background Information:

In totally unrelated news, benevolent billionaire Philanthropist Pete announced that he was making a $100 million contribution to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation to help offset a recent precipitous drop in revenue.

PPPS has also learned that one of Philanthropist Pete's companies, Pete Industries, Inc. has agreed to match Pete's personal contribution with a corporate check for $100 million. A spokesperson for Pete Industries, a global resource extraction company with substantial market share in the mining, energy and timber sectors, indicated that the contribution was "in honor of our founder and CEO, and his special passion for saving the rain forest."

In the interest of full disclosure, we note that Philanthropist Pete is also a frequent financial contributor to PPPS and holds the majority ownership in our news organization.

Updates and Related Articles:

Fly Specks on the Debate Commission Table by Clarice Feldman, American Thinker

Thoughts On The Recent UK Elections

PPPS (London)—We asked our UK correspondent Pompous Pete and others at PPPS to comment on last week's shocking election in the United Kingdom, in which Conservatives gained an outright majority in Parliament, against all predictions from pundits and progressive media organizations.

Oh what a Labour-ious thumping that was, led by the lads and lassies up the road in Scotland.
Will the Scots take the high road? Or will they say "bye just now" to Her Majesty's glorious United Kingdom?
—Pompous Pete
Have we just seen the limits of #ProgressivePrivilege? 
To our friends on the Left: 
You might get away with bullying the Brits into silence, but you can't control their vote.—Privileged Pete

Maybe the gentle winds of rebellion are blowing across the pond. 
—Citizen Pete          

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Winning Cartoon

PPPS (Garland, TX)

Bosch Fawstin's winning cartoon.

And our own contribution in defense of free speech: a bridge message. 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Could the Hillary Clinton Campaign Be Struggling?

PPPS (Littleton)—Here at the Pundit Pete Press Service 2016 Campaign Coverage Headquarters, we've observed that perhaps the Hillary Clinton campaign launch has not gone quite as well as was expected.

Could the constant mocking of her campaign logo be one cause?

Or could the endorsement of certain imprisoned world leaders be part of the problem?

Hillary Clinton and Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood

Maybe It's Time for a Woman President

PPPS (Nashua, NH)—With two potential woman candidates for president, we thought we would provide our readers a comparison.

(feel free to share - just credit Pundit Pete)

Update: May 4, 2015 Carly Fiorina Announcement video.

Fair and Balanced Update: Hillary Clinton Announcement Video.

WARNING: Viewing this video may result in spontaneous rioting and violence.